Last April, in 2015, the National Flood Insurance Program added an annual fee called HFIAA Surcharge to each flood policy.  Addendum 2 to the April 1, 2015 Program states that the surcharge is $25 for your primary residence or $250 for secondary and investment property.  

However, if you did not verify in writing with  your insurance company that it was indeed your primary residence, then by default you were charged $250.  Most insurers or agents miss this crucial difference and it could cost you big time, to the tune of $225! 

The way to reduce the surcharge is to verify your primary residence status as outlined in the link

The refund of the surcharge will be pro-rated based upon when the residency status change is received by the insurance company.  So hurry and make the correction.  Your next renewal should retain the lower surcharge.

Check your flood policy today!